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About Us

Hey! My name's Catie and I'm the owner and founder of Finntastic Tags.  Finntastic tags is inspired by my pup Finnigan, who is a three year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Since I was a kid, I've ALWAYS wanted a dog. It took 22 years to convince my parents, but flash forward to today and we've never been happier. I grew up doing arts and crafts and loved a new project. When I got Finn I was exposed to the world of crazy dog people (in a good way). RoKodogwear was our first experience with hand made items (collars, bandanas, treat pouches) for Finn and we've never looked back! Because he has an abundance of collars, we like having tags to match each collar. So let's fast forward to today. Here we are hand stamping custom tags for your fur friends, which are fashionable, affordable and are made to last your adventures! 
We can't thank you enough for supporting our dream and following our journey!
- Catie & Finn
Tags are made in Burnaby, BC